Thursday, September 17, 2009

NWT - Unnamed (Anonymous) Translators and Humility

Unnamed Translators and Humility

Some trinitarians (including Dr. Walter Martin) take great exception to the fact that the NWT translators choose to remain anonymous. They imply cowardice, dishonesty, and incompetence as the motives behind such anonymity. In fact, however, such anonymity has been a part of the Watchtower Society for much of its history and in all phases of its publishing activity. The reason has always been to keep from glorifying any man when it is Jehovah and Jesus who deserve the recognition. Humility is extremely important to any real Christian as the scriptures clearly teach, and every Jehovah's Witness should be able to produce clear scriptural evidence for his belief in this area.

It should be sufficient to point out what one respected trinitarian organization says (and does). Yes, the Lockman Foundation states in the preface to their New American Standard Bible: "no work will ever be personalized." (And the jacket of the 1971 Reference Edition of the NASB states even more clearly: "We have not used any scholar's name for reference or recommendations because it is our belief God's Word should stand on its merits.")

And, sure enough, they do not identify their translators. Why? Because, as they write in their preface: "They shall give to the Lord Jesus Christ His proper place, the place which the Word gives Him, and no work will ever be personalized." When Dr. Walter Martin mocks the Watchtower Society for its humility, he also mocks other respected "orthodox" organizations attempting to follow God's Word in this respect.

Just as a man should be judged by his actions, a Bible should be judged on its accuracy of rendering the Greek and Hebrew texts (not on who translated, nor what any prejudiced source says, nor by comparison to another translation, etc.).

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