Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Keras Soterias (Luke 1:69)

KERAS SOTERIAS - Literally this is "a horn of salvation," and Countess strongly objects to the NWT translating this as "a mighty savior" in the 1951 ed. at Lk. 1:69. - p. 76 (even though they provided a footnote which said: "Literally, `raised up a horn of salvation.'")

However, the NWT, since 1969 (at least), has rendered it more literally as "a horn of salvation" in the main text.

But look at these renderings of Lk. 1:69 by other respected Bibles: "a mighty savior" - NRSV; "a mighty Saviour" - CBW; "a mighty Savior" - AT; "a powerful Savior" - MLB; "a strong deliverer" - REB; "a saving power" - NJB; "victorious Savior" - Beck (NT); "a power for salvation" - JB; "a deliverer of victorious power" - NEB; "a mighty Deliverer" - Weymouth; "a mighty Savior" - CEV; "a mighty Deliverer" - Wesley; "a strong saviour" - Moffatt.

Obviously the NWT translators thought (as did the translators of NRSV; NEB; REB; JB; NJB; AT; MLB; etc.) that "horn of salvation" would "hide the thought," and so they rendered it in the "modern English idiom" at first. When they revised it later, however, they restored the more literal "horn of salvation." But, as proved by the renderings of many other translators, neither rendering is improper in a literal Bible!

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