Tuesday, November 23, 2010

1 Cor. 14:12-16 ("Gifts of the spirit")

How is it, that Dr. Goodspeed is praised by Bowman (and others) as "without question one of America's finest Greek scholars" while the NWT is to be condemned for its translation of 1 Cor. 14:12-16 which is essentially the same as Dr. Goodspeed's (and other trinitarian translators and scholars)?!?

In 1 Corinthians 14:12-16 the phrase 'gift of the' is added in brackets five times, changing "spirit" to "[gift of the] spirit." - p. 67.

Here is the NWT rendering for 1 Corinthians 14:12-16:

"...since you are zealously desirous of [gifts of the] spirit, .... (12) .... it is my [gift of the] spirit that is praying, .... (14) .... I will pray with the [gift of the] spirit, .... I will sing praise with the [gift of the] spirit, .... (15) .... Otherwise, if you offer praise with a [gift of the] spirit ....(16)"

And here are some respected trinitarian renderings: - KJV (1 Cor. 14:12, `spiritual gifts'); NIV (14:12, `spiritual gifts'); NRSV (14:12, `spiritual gifts'); NEB (14:12, `gifts of the Spirit'); REB (14:12, `gifts of the Spirit'); JB (14:12, `spiritual gifts'); NJB (`spiritual powers'); NAB, 1970 ed. (14:12, `spiritual gifts'); GNB (14:12, `gifts of the Spirit'); MLB (14:12, `spiritual gifts'); ETRV (14:12, `spiritual gifts'); NLV (14:12, `gifts from the Holy Spirit'); LB (14:12, `special gifts from the Holy Spirit'); BBE (14:12, `the things which the Spirit gives'); Young's (14:12, `spiritual gifts'); Webster's (14:12, `spiritual gifts'); Weymouth (14:12, `spiritual gifts').

And here is the translation by Goodspeed in his AT:

"...since you are ambitious for spiritual endowments, .... (12) .... it is my spirit that prays, .... (14) .... I will pray ecstatically, .... I will sing ecstatically, .... (15) .... For if you utter blessings in ecstatic speech .... (16)"

So highly-praised trinitarian scholar Goodspeed has changed the literal "spirit" to "spiritual endowments" (equivalent to the NWT "[gifts of the] spirit) and "ecstatically" (two times) and "ecstatic speech" (all basically equivalent to "[gifts of the] spirit")! Furthermore, he has not even used brackets (as the NWT did) or italics to indicate additions, either!

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